Bobbie Wygant Interviews Harrison Ford for Star Wars 1977 from on Vimeo.

«As someone who simply can’t stop watching a “Star Wars” movie from any point that I stumble across one on television, I spent a good part of Monday night staving off Tuesday morning with a Labor Day marathon of “Star Wars” films that ran on the Spike cable channel. So it was a pleasant coincidence – and an opportunity to further deny the reality that the summer is over – to come across this vintage interview (posted at The Daily What) with Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, recorded for a Dallas-Fort Worth news channel in the summer of 1977, just as the “Star Wars” phenomenon was taking off.

Wearing lapels as wide as the Millennium Falcon itself, Mr. Ford actually seems gracious about the budding fantasy franchise and complimentary to its creator, George Lucas, telling his interviewer that though he doesn’t regard himself as the Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon type, the film works because “it’s finally about people and not finally about science, so the energy of the movie goes towards exploring these human relationships.” (This is all before Mr. Ford donned the fedora of Indiana Jones or became one of the “Star Wars” series’ most affectionate detractors.)

That doesn’t stop the interviewer, Bobbie Wygant, from trying to convince Mr. Ford that she can identify with him because “this wasn’t my kind of film.” Beware, Mr. Ford: Once you start down that dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.»

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