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*Comic Packs .Wave 3 Continuación
-Classic Star Wars Early Adventure #1 Stormtrooper with Blackhole Hologram

*Comic Packs.Wave 3
-Tales of the Jedi #6: Exar Kun & Ulic Quel Droma
-Republic#65: Jedi Master Tholme & T´ra Saa

*Comic Packs.Wave 4
-Republic #83:Bogey Squad
Scout Trooper and Clone Trooper
-Routine Valor: Commander Cody´s Lieutenant And Clone Trooper

*Comic Packs Exclusives.
-Star wars:X-Wing Rogue Squadron #1
Dilr Nep and Plourr Llo
-Star wars:Tales #4
IG97 & Rom Mohc
-Star Wars:X-Wing Roguer Leader #2
Storm Commando and General Weir