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Yak-Face and Holiday Yak-Face High Res Shots and Info!
Take a high resolution look at the upcoming Gentle Giant PGM Exclusive, Yak Face, as well as, the Holiday version of him (he will be the 2009 annual Gentle Giant Holiday Gift). Look for him to go up for pre-order today for Gentle Giant PGM members.

The message boards have been buzzing for weeks about how this will be distributed and sold. Below is the breakdown on how you can add him to your collection. This was confirmed by Gentle Giant.

Box Style/Package #1 – Only For PGM Members – Comes with Yak Face Mini Bust and 3 «Accessories»: Antlers, Candy Cane and Staff. This will allow the PGM Members to display him in both regular and holiday deco (very cool idea). Look for this to go up for pre-order as early as today for a limited time.

Box Style/Package #2 – This will be sent to the people on the Annual Holiday List from GG (dealers, sponsors, lucas people, reps, etc) – Comes with Yak Face Mini Bust and JUST the Holiday Deco (since it’s a GIFT): Antlers, Candy Cane and do not have the staff. This will not be able to be purchased. The bust will be identical to the one offered by PGM, it just won’t be packaged with the extra staff.